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Generous Business

Better Culture. Better People. Better World.

Why Generosity?

Generous Business offers a unique seven-way framework that ignites passion, character, and dedication, resulting in committed employees, happier customers, and a company culture worth waking up for!”

Did you know Generosity helps solve some of the most challenging issues facing organizations today?


Thinking positively about yourself and others


Speaking kindly to and about yourself and others


Giving minutes, hours, and moments in your day


Being fully present and fully focused on another person


Using your friendships, relationships, and connections to help someone else


Giving your financial resources


Sharing things you have or own

Who Is Brad?

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“The 7 Ways of Living Generously at Work and Beyond” Keynote by CEO and
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The Generous LeaderTM: A Guide To Put Generosity Into Practice

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organizational culture.

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